Byng Timber Joinery in Bromsgrove

The Byng Joinery part of Gary Byng and Sons Ltd is centrally located in Bromsgrove, West Midlands. We've been making bespoke traditional timber sash and flush casement windows since 1999. We are a team of skilled joiners who specialise in creating authentic bespoke joinery including traditionally made box sash windows, casement windows, all custom made to any size or dimension.

We are happy to undertake projects of any size. Our traditional box sash window range comes with single, double or triple glazed units whilst still maintaining a 135mm deep box. The windows are made from a choice of hard or soft wood and are completely finished to any R.A.L colour. We use the traditional method of weights and pulleys for our box sash windows and provide a 10 year warranty. Our range of casement windows can be produced with either inward or outward openings and a choice of either storm proof or flush casements, these also carry a warranty of 10 years.

If you're looking to upgrade or replace any of your old, faulty or damaged box timber sash or casement windows we recommend you call us first. We offer very competitive prices, a fine quality bepsoke window product and we care about conservation. Let us help you restore your property to it's former glory.